The digital world moves fast and the introduction of computer technology and software programs can leave anyone running to use a typewriter with an ink ribbon. However, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, digital has made a huge impact to our lives in many ways. Keeping our literacy knowledge updated and relevant to our work as educators, human services workers or volunteers means we become more effective in the assistance, support we provide people. DigiUnite's digital professional literacy modules therefore aim to incorporate digital professional literacy into your work.

  • Effective Searching: Learn how to harness the power of the internet and save time when searching. 
  • Finding Credible Sources: As professionals are held more and more accountable on what they report, finding credible sources is vital. Learn how to get those sources that make your case notes credible in any situation, including courts.
  • Digital Imagery: Using images online is a tricky area. We have a new privacy act that as professionals means our use of images needs to be considered carefully. Learn where to find images and how to use your own.
  • Multimodal Media: How to create creative and interesting posters, online graphics, brochures, advertisement of services and events.
  • Programming with Python: For people to understand how to begin coding and how it can be used in different situations.