Social Digital Wave

Technology has become part of everyday life yet, we are only just beginning to understand the social impacts. Such as being bullied, exploited or abused, including exclusion to services such as housing and employment due to access. Social digital disadvantage is becoming more relevant for professionals to understand and incorporate best practices into their work.

DigiUnite's social modules are designed to provide professionals with a critical view of the digital landscape in our society. In particular, the effects to the most vulnerable in our society. 

  • Social Internet Wave - demographics: Introduction to the social digital modules. Exploring the explosive digital movement in our society over the last thirty years. Module to be released April 2017. 
  • Cyber Safety - Is it safe? Is there a epidemic of abuse online? Are our children safe? This module will examine how safe the Internet is and what strategies we can take to make it safer for both ourselves and people we work with. Module to be released July 2017.
  • Digital Knowledge - Fake News? We will be exploring how to apply critical thinking towards any information presented on the web. What is deemed real with a exploration of how the professional sectors are impacted by the online environments. Module to be released July 2017. 
  • Digital Equality - do we have it?: After exploring the explosion of digital into our lives, we take an in depth look at the effects of the digital revolution to our most disadvantaged and marginalised groups. Module to be released July 2017.
  • Digital Employment - in the wake of digital explosion: what has digital provided our industries? Has the hype really offered opportunities or has it taken them away from us? Finally what are the future jobs? Module to be released December 2017.

Our digital literacy show Methods and understanding of how to use the Internet and relevant software.

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