We Care About What Volunteers Bring to the Digital Environment

We have worked for many years in humans services and education and not always in a paid capacity. In fact DigiUnite exists due to both Janine & Kathy volunteering their time to meet DigiUnite's mission and objectives. So we understand both academically, professionally and personally the impact that volunteers give the human and education sectors. Without the parent helpers at school, rural fire fighters, emergency rescue workers, lifeline counsellors, our community would lose a core essence of what it is.

In 2010, 36.2% of Australians aged 18 years and over participated in formal volunteering (6.1 million people). That is a lot of fabulous people out there! We want to acknowledge your work to the community by making our modules free for volunteers.

If you are a volunteer, fill out our form below and attach (scan or digital image) a letter on letterhead written by your manager of the organisation you volunteer for. Just ask them to state who you are and your role as a volunteer. That simple. We will send you login details so you can access our modules for free.

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